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        Zhongshan diqin intelligent technology registered in 2017, but its core technical team as the core member of Japan Reepro China area, the team was established in 2003, early in the 16 years, the team is mainly responsible for the development and production of small home appliance products such as personal care, beauty instruments and life, as well as Japan and Europe and the United States many brands do ODM and OEM, good business reputation.
        On October 20, 1993 in Japan 〒 Sapporo, Hokkaido, 060-0001 north 1 in central west street 3-3 of article 33 ReePRO ビ ル 4 f was founded the corporation リ ー ・ プ ロ (Ree PROco., LTD.), the company registered capital of 10000000 yen, on behalf of the banned "hill straight text. The company has a history of 25 years since its establishment.
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